Haden Exports, Jerome Haden scammed us out of our money

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2 months ago I sent a deposit for 75 working and 22 non working laptop computers to Haden Exports.After one month he refunded us half of the deposit siting the leasing company that held these units had a delay in releasing them.

Two weeks later I reached him, after several attempts, he stated the deal might be back up but after 3 days I asked for the remaining deposit to be returned and he agreed.

At this moment we can't reach him and have found another complaint filed about the same product we purchased on another site.Stay away at all costs.

Review about: Sony Vaio Tn Series Laptop.



We contacted states attorney and they refered us to the consumer complaint division, so if you could please do that we would appreciate it.


I sent you our contact info

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #394579

We ALSO sent money on the same deal and never received a dime back. I have contacted BBB and attorney and was advised to contact states attorney. Maybe now we can all get together and file to show FRAUD


I was offered the same deal and paid for them and have received nothing back.He was full of excuses of why they couldn't deliver the product.

If you read this and had the same thing happen, send an email to bbb2121@gmail.com to me with your contact info.

Maybe we can all get together to go after him in one lawsuit...This is not fair that he has done this and we all deserve our money back.

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